Loved it! Here were my thoughts as I watched.

by Leviathan ⌂, Hotel Zanzibar, Monday, June 10, 2013, 20:22 (3995 days ago) @ Stephen Laughlin

Copied from my Twitter feed:

-Bungie, you say? Oh, are they working on something?


-Oh, I've you missed you Bungie art direction.

-In-game engine!

-And then Master Chief hops off the Pelican... er... I mean...

-Joe Staten! YESS. His voice is connected to so many awesome announcements!

-... and everybody gets their own Guilty Spark this time.

-That revolver's a beaut.

-Whoah... the "Archon Slayer" is badass.

-"Shut up and get behind me". :) Damn, these graphics.

-Bungie always has such awesome things that go up into the sky in the background.

-Giant co-operative battles! It's like Firefight x30.

-Well, that was awesome. Can't wait to play it. I've missed the Bungie style. It's like seeing an old friend again!

-Unless Microsoft reverses their stances on things, looks like Sony's the path towards my Destiny. Still waiting for that Dreamcast 2 though.

-----More thoughts----

-Love that I get to drop out of my spaceship when I show up on the battlefield.
-The graphics were really impressive when those lights started to turn on in the first combat zone.
-Man, I can't wait to zoom around on a speeder bike and explore the wild.
-The blue Awoken(?) guy sounds sweet. I'm thinking my character might go that route!
-Can't wait to name my own guns.

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