Destiny Gameplay Reveal Discussion

by jazo, Monday, June 10, 2013, 20:24 (3998 days ago) @ Stephen Laughlin

I'll just say this:

I've never owned a Sony device but considering Microsoft's new policies and pricing, I'll be getting Destiny on PS4.

As per Destiny itself, if they can add a tight competitive multiplayer (I don't care if it fits into the canon of the world) this game is going to be fairly groundbreaking (IMHO).

The detail in the world and lighting engine is wildly good looking and I'd imagine they have that level of polish in every environment. Halo certainly had some recycled bits but for Destiny it seems like they are going for the sprawling individual planetary theme which should provide a lot of variety.

Combat seems engaging and I like how tossing spells looks to be like a grenade throw. Also we do have the potential for space travel and combat right?? The players were dropped off by their ships and if we had the ability to be the ones flying to the planets (not some load screen), the immersion factor would be huge.

Overall I'm impressed and pumped for their new creation to finally get some exposure and I'm sure Microsoft's feels were hurt possibly the most by seeing a company they let get away from them (for reasons we still do not even know but it seems like Bungie partnering with Sony on this reveal is telling) unveil their new game for PS4. Destiny will sell big on all consoles but once again, I'm getting it on PS4 for the pricing alone so bonus content for Destiny is certainly a plus.

BTW Bungie's plan for World Domination gets a boost here for successfully sprawling across all video game entertainment systems now in a commanding fashion. On top of all the great stuff Sony had to show, they went with Bungie to close it out.

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