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by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Monday, June 10, 2013, 21:37 (4000 days ago) @ Stephen Laughlin
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1. Since the stream was crappy I didn't catch this at first, but they transitioned from player to player a couple of times, which is why we saw the Ghost launched and then it was suddenly gone. It was a little confusing though and I wished they'd just stuck on one player. Also was everyone having mic troubles? Seemed like there was supposed to be a lot more talking and banter like with previous Bungie live on stage gaming reveals…

2. Both Joe and Jason were playing with unlimited ammo.

3. As they walk down the tunnel with the fan blades you can see that you can indeed carry three weapons.

4. At one point the Hunter uses a power to supercharge his gun. Looked maybe to be the imploding power we saw the Hunter use in the Law of the Jungle.

5. The Fallen's souls are escaping each time they die.

6. Dang that lighting is good.

7. That public event was pretty awesome.

8. I'm fairly sure everyone was invincible. The hunter being killed by the Archon Slayer boss was almost certainly scripted. There was a motion tracker in the upper left of the HUD but I didn't see any shield / health indicators.

9. Although it wasn't obvious, I'm almost certain that every player we saw was a Bungie employee on stage under their own character's screen. So about 8 or 9 in all.

10. Based on the story portion afterwards it seems that The City is not constantly at war with the various enemies, and that while the City is the last safe place on Earth, it is not the last place you will find Earth friendly individuals or forces on Earth. This alters my perception slightly as I figured The City was continually under siege. Interesting.

I like it a lot! The art style was so refreshing. It had that Halo feel of being detailed and beautiful without being hyperrealistic or shades of brown. The gameplay looked solid and fun, and perhaps a little like Boarderlands, which is no sin. The thing that I think got me most was the scale. As far as I could tell one could have just as easily explored along the wall as gone inside. And oh that wall. It had more detail and character on it than the entirety of some games shown today. Inside was wonderful as well. I was expecting it to be narrow corridors, but instead it was actually big dark rooms that I think might have even fit inside the wall, or at least pretended too. The public event at the end was a bit chaotic, but I loved the big warship and the smaller dropships.

What I would like to see now is some one on one sessions showing off the various classes and their abilities. I feel like we got an interesting overview when I want more specifics. There were things shown like weapons having stability numbers, players getting critical hits, and so on that I want to know more about. It'd be nice to see how ammo works, and shields and health work. In short, I want more. :)

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