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Bungie Lights the Path To Come

Bungie has announced the Dark Below DLC details on their site proper, with lots of shiny new graphics and glimpses of new gear.

TAGS: dark, below, dlc
Leviathan | Oct 29, 2014 04:23 pm | link

The Dark Below emerges from the Dark Ahead

Bungie has officially announced the Dark Below expansion which will include 3 new story missions, 3 new multiplayer maps, a new strike (and a second new time-exclusive strike for Playstation), and a new Raid. In addition the light level cap will be raised to 32, bounty slots will be raised to 10, and of course there will be many new items. Korny pointed out an interview with Harold Ryan detailing a lot of the information for us, and was kind enough to post some of the screenshots in his thread, and DaDerga let us know on his own. Thanks guys!

TAGS: dark, below, dlc
Xenos | Oct 29, 2014 08:26 am | link

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