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This Week At Bungie - 08/23/18

This Week At Bungie, Cayde's been having a rough time. If you're staying dark for Forsaken (ten days to go!), then you might not want to watch the Last Stand of the Gunslinger video that was shown off at Gamescom. If you don't mind sneak peeks, then you'll be happy to know that Gambit will be available for all Destiny 2 players for one day on Sept. 1st, no Forsaken needed.

Once Forsaken launches on Sept. 4th (after a bit of downtime for maintenance), you have ten days to gear up for the new Raid, "Last Wish", which gives you a bit more time to try to get closer to that 600 Power-level cap (it's a bit of a hike!). And speaking of gaining more power, Design Lead Josh Hamrick (Josh 'em Rick?) stops by to fill us in on how the new Mod system works, and how you will be able to acquire them. We also get a glimpse of next week's patch notes, if you're curious about how some exotic and ability behaviors are changing.

And Speaking of changes, Destiny Player Support has a pretty extensive list of what's coming and going with Tuesday's patch (this is your last weekend to go for the Trials of the Nine Achievement/Trophy!). The whole thing is wrapped up with a filter-heavy montage and a mood-heavy time-lapse painting of Cayde. It's the meatiest update in a while, so if you want a read that's a bit easier on the eyes, check our local copy of the update. And thanks to cheapLEY for the heads up!

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