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Bubbles? Bubbles?

As time goes on, players find new and entertaining ways of using the tools Bungie made for us to do things that are... simply unexpected. In recent days, we've seen Titan Defender Bubbles used to

1) Dominate in the Crucible (thanks, GeneralVagueness)

2) Defeat Crota, on Hard Mode, with just a single sword (thanks, Cody Miller)

3) Defeat the entire Crota's End Raid without firing a shot (thanks, INSANEdrive)

(This is in 3 parts; I've embedded only the first one. The rest of the links can be found in the original reddit post.)

Is there anything the bubble CAN'T do? Titans forever!

Claude Errera | Feb 4, 2015 03:06 pm | link

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