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I refuse to use Levi's headline.

I've been a KontrolFreek fan for over half a decade (I wrote a mini-review of their product back in 2010), so I was thrilled when Levi noticed that the Bungie Store now has Destiny-themed versions for sale. I've just ordered some (my current pair is getting a little ratty) - if you're looking for a way to increase your control when playing Destiny (or, really, any console-based shooter), these are fantastic! Check 'em out.
Claude Errera | Jun 7, 2016 02:56 pm | link

January GameInformer Article now free for everyone

gameinformer_logo.pngIf you missed GameInformer's January 2014 article because you didn't have a subscription, you're in luck - GI has released that article to everyone, for free. Awesome! (It's a really good read, and contains a boatload of info we haven't seen elsewhere. You've probably seen most of the content now via third-party sources - but here's your chance to read the actual article.)

Claude Errera | Apr 4, 2014 09:46 am | link

How's free for you?

If $35 (after the Bungie Day discount) is still too steep for you for the new Destiny Banners at the Bungie Store, a couple of websites are giving some away. IGN UK wants you to tweet their name (you must be a resident of the UK to be eligible), while VG24/7 just wants to know which one you're looking for. Okay, true, your chances aren't great... but hey, free is better than not free!

TAGS: free, banners
Claude Errera | Jul 6, 2013 06:02 am | link

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