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Riding to a Fall

Yesterday, Bungie hosted another Ride-Along - this time around, DeeJ, Designer Brendan Thorne and Writer Jill Scharr comment on a King's Fall Raid run, as played by 6 other devs. (A sad goodbye to nearly the entire team; their job was to complete the raid without dying, on penalty of job loss for failure... and with the exception of Chase Christian (and Brandon Bjarnason, technically, since his death occurred after Oryx's death), all of them died at least once, with Cozmo_BNG adding a mind-boggling 4 casualties to the total.) If you're not a big Raider, this is a really useful demonstration of techniques and routes... and even if you DO raid a lot, you'll likely see things that make you reconsider your preferred practices, and you'll learn things you didn't know about the lore behind the encounters. It will be available on YouTube eventually, but you can watch the archived stream on Twitch right now. Check this out - a fun watch! 

Update: Looks like it's already up!

Claude Errera | May 19, 2016 10:13 am | link

Mission to Mars - Bungie Ride-Along

Bungie continues to release some fascinating Ride Along videos, this time covering Mars with Deej, Jason Sussman, and our friend Roland. There's plenty of enlightening conversation on everything Mars-related, Cabal to rocks, as well as some hitherto unseen concept art and early shots that led to the Buried City we now know so well.

Leviathan | Feb 23, 2015 11:33 am | link

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