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A Record of the Future

"I met a Guardian in the wastes of Siberia. But she was dead."

"The transmat was down and I needed all the help I could get. With a necessary shame, I took her gun and I took her food and then I said a goodbye with a bitter salute.

"But then I saw her journal. My pack was already full but I would make the room.

"I remembered something Skald once told me. 'We Guardians are already ghosts. We're dead to begin with. What matters is that our actions persist, that our deeds before, during, or after life build towards a future full of Light. That means we must remember and record. Sometimes, the Dark can be stayed with just a memory, a knowledge that what we've done will always have been done.'

"Upon the front endcover and the flyleaf was this drawing:

"I'll transmit more once I reach the wall I can see in the distance - hopefully a place I can rest."

TAGS: sketch, diary, tank
Leviathan | Jul 22, 2014 02:30 pm | link

Spider Tank Battle

twistedmetal shared a piece of Destiny fan art titled Spider Tank Battleit depicts a group of Gaurdians fighting against the Cabal and some, you guessed it, Spider TanksHe's looking for some community feedback - I don't really have any comments other than how amazing it is (I wish I could draw.) Check it out!

colindosaj | May 27, 2013 11:33 pm | link

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