*SP* Raid Encounters (that aren't the Labyrinth) (Destiny)

by Kahzgul, Thursday, September 14, 2017, 01:50 (283 days ago)

The only spoilers here are content, not mechanics.

So my clan went into the raid tonight. We plowed straight ahead and took the flamelaunchers up to what appeared to be the front door. Is this the "garden encounter" you guys discussed? It didn't seem like a garden to me at all. Maybe a courtyard? Anyway, the message was "Emperor Cassius sends his legions against you" and then the game is afoot.

We completed this encounter (pretty fun, not that complicated, seems to have unlimited time and no enrage and also it's not a darkness zone so if you die you just come right back). The rewards were high light engrams (same light as your theoretical max, rather than 10 light below it), but no "raid loot" per se.

After that was "the Baths."

This encounter took the rest of our night. We're pretty sure we've got it down, but we never quite got the execution perfect. We'll probably one-shot it tomorrow.

Didn't really see anything else in the raid, but what we did see was great. That baths encounter has been really, really fun to figure out.


Judging from the other thread (and from my own impressions of the raid entrance), there seem to be multiple "first" encounters that you can access. Pretty sweet imo.

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