Lost in the Spiral (Criticism)

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Doesn't matter if it means necessary or not - pedantry requires that your response be accurate. Yours isn't; CheapLEY's right, the original sentence was accurate as written. No correction was required. Your response wasn't pedantic, it was just wrong.

Communication! On the internet! yAy!

Looks like it's time to retrace some steps here, and return a disproportionate amount of energy upon both post, my in question padantic-ness of source post and its words there in. Now I'm lost in a spiral of interpretation and tone. What ever am I to do? Not respond and take it, regardless my thoughts on it? Pish posh! Had I done that, I wouldn't be wasting my efforts right now defending it! So let's gather around an learn from the splinter I simply had to pluck from my brain.

Let's start this little flimflam with the merriam-webster.com rabbit hole; Starting with the definition of pedantic.

Pedantic adjective
pe·dan·tic | \pi-ˈdan-tik
Definition of pedantic

1 : of, relating to, or being a pedant a pedantic teacher

2 : narrowly, stodgily, and often ostentatiously learned a pedantic insistence that we follow the rules exactly

3 : unimaginative, dull

Pedant noun
ped·ant | \ˈpe-dᵊnt
Definition of pedant

1 obsolete : a male schoolteacher

2a : one who makes a show of knowledge

b : one who is unimaginative or who unduly emphasizes minutiae in the presentation or use of knowledge

c : a formalist or precisionist in teaching

Minutia noun
mi·nu·tia | \mə-ˈnü-sh(ē-)ə,
mī-, -ˈnyü-\
plural minutiae\mə-ˈnü-shē-ˌē,
-ˌī, mī-, -ˈnyü- \
Definition of minutia

: a minute or minor detail —usually used in plural
He was bewildered by the contract's minutiae.

Wasn't that FUN! Cool.

-but wait the fun has only started!-

Let us observe the title I chose - "Pedantic Correction... with a dank meme"

What am I saying about my own post ? ... ignoring my apparent admiration for dank memes. Yo.

I'm saying that it is a narrow and exacting observation. A fussy nit-pick. I did not need to add it, but was compelled other wise. Thus... to skip ahead real quick, the "Pedantic ≠ Necessary" rebuttal. It has nothing to do with requirement. To in which, the heart of that matter: "whomever". While Dame117 was absolutely correct, I found it to be far too singular for my minds ears, regardless its multipurpose interpretive nature. AGAIN! I'm saying that my post is a narrow and exacting observation. A fussy nit-pick. Thus: "the Bungie teams who collaborated together to create" ... which, by the way is not wrong. BOTH are true. Collaboration between teams of artists (and otherwise) is how things get done, more often than not in interactive media studios. I have not changed the meaning, just provided different, more exacting words.

I could go far far deeper on this train of thought, but this by all accounts should be enough. I hope. If ANY of that makes no logical sense (sans the "impulse" deal) please say so. Furthermore, if I have in my errant impulse blindly made offense, *somehow*, I apologize. It just... it didn't seem "right" to me and I "corrected" it.

I'm going to end with this: English has a word order. For those of us who have been born using English as a mother tongue, it is done with out thinking. Yet if those words are out of order, it will feel wrong even if you are given the same amount of information (or it will change the meaning entirely!). In a way this works with how things are said too.

That is the closest representation to what I was feeling in that instant of which I posted.

Thank you.

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