Time To Step Back For A Bit. (Criticism)

by EffortlessFury @, Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 21:55 (1015 days ago) @ Chappy

I stepped back a few weeks ago and while I wanted to return...I still haven't. I thought about it and I realized that, for me, it wasn't the exotic drop rate...it was the power climb.

I'm the reverse; my recent vacation took me offline for 2 weeks and I couldn't wait to get back - I missed out on so much new stuff (Shattered Throne, Wish-Ender, my raid team's first Riven completion, Malfeasance...). I've been happy with the slow pace of Forsaken just because it seems that there's been new things to do and chase almost every week since launch.

The power climb this time around is definitely more complex - gaining 10-15 levels a week requires understanding the various soft caps and 'powerful reward' mechanics, and letting those dictate what activities to do.

And I get that. Problem is, I have 100 other games to play. I'd love to follow the trail of new stuff in Destiny 2, except that would take most of my gaming time.

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