As if that makes a diffrence. (Gaming)

by SonofMacPhisto @, Monday, December 02, 2019, 17:58 (366 days ago) @ cheapLEY

I did a lot of this sort of thinking during my time with Elite: Dangerous. It was a good sandbox to explore power, human nature, and how those things interact.

You must be a whole lot more introspective (and smarter) than I am. I mostly spent a lot of time being bored during my time with Elite: Dangerous, despite the fact that flying those spaceships is really cool. That game needs more "game" in it. I want to love it so much. ):

All of our fun was absolutely in spite of the game, that's for sure. It provided just enough of a framework for player groups to form and fight things out EvE style. Really dramatic stuff.

For example, my friends and I lead a guerrilla war against a literal player empire. Was absolutely bonkers from start to finish. All of it emergent and driven by people and their passions.

Unfortunately, thanks to amateur level developers and a thin skinned player base a lot of that has gone away over the past year or so. There's no stakes, you know? It's OK though - twas an ambitious project that just couldn't quite make it. Better it happened than not at all.

Gods above if someone gets the Pretend Spaceperson game right though.

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