Nah (Destiny)

by ZackDark @, Not behind you. NO! Don't look., Monday, January 06, 2020, 00:46 (260 days ago) @ someotherguy

The frictions are in the gameplay whether you want them or not. That's sort of the point.

I agree that they are there, but I'm not sure I get the point now.

The bright dust/bright engram economy affects the game whether you care about cosmetics or not.

How so? Major bright dust bumps come from weekly bounties, which, quite frankly, can all be done within 2 to 5 matches of the associated activity (time which will also contribute to other bounties if you're carrying them). The slog to gain extra dust without paying money (which is indeed quite a slog) comes from the random bounties of very specific activities that are usually harmless, might-as-well, not-like-I-wasn't-already busywork (for strikes: 25 auto-rifle kills, 15 grenade kills, etc; for Crucible: kill 5 Hunters, 10 precision kills, etc; etc). I honestly can't see how these seriously harm gameplay.

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