They're not the same bounties (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Monday, January 06, 2020, 08:58 (265 days ago) @ ZackDark
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I know, but I’m talking about bounties in general. They’re the only efficient way to level up the season pass. Actually doing activities gives laughable amounts of XP, to the point that I would not even come close to finishing the pass without bounties. The fact that the only ones that give bright dust don’t also reward good XP makes it worse, not better.

It’s exactly the friction Cody always talks about. Instead of just letting players play the game, it dictates the way players must play the game to make good progress or get bright dust. I’m sure plenty of folks like bounties and the variety of play they encourage. I constantly switch my play styles and load outs anyway, I don’t need bounties to push me to do so, and I hate juggling them and stopping every five minutes to check progress and make sure I’m using the right weapons out subclasses to cover them all.

The new bright dust economy has directly lead to me spending real money (which I am happy to do, for the record). There is no way I care enough to try and do enough bounties to get any real amount of bright dust, combined with keeping track of what I’d on sale week to week. I’ll just give them my ten dollars, buy the thing I want and be done. It would be incredibly difficult for anyone to convince me that’s not explicitly why the system is the way it is right now. They want people to just give them money while also being able to say “well you can get it for free if you just play,” as if getting it for free isn’t a completely absurd grind.

I know I just said I was leading to avoid being negative, but this is important, in that it’s pretty much the exact reason I quit.

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