Putting words into Speachlessness. (Destiny)

by Schedonnardus, Texas, Wednesday, January 08, 2020, 09:02 (263 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

I've worked diligently (and had help) in building a vast vocabulary. Yet in the last day or so... I don't know what word to give to describe how or what I feel about "Keep on keeping on man!" right here, my response in reading this - and it bothers me.

A splinter on the mind.

This is a thread in a Destiny Forum about not playing Destiny. Celebrating that fact even to a degree. This is a post here encouraging this further.

Is this post to which I reply... Incongruous? Is that the word? Paradoxical? Inverted? ... bah. Weird? ...



I stick around and check in b/c i've been playing with a lot of the folks on here since Halo 2. I'm just getting burned out of the endless grind. I miss the old Halo days of just playing a game, the only reward was winning. All the boxes you have to check and currencies and materials are tedious. I will probably poke back into Destiny at some point, but i decided to do other things in the meantime. I haven't even turned my xbox on since May, i've been focused on family, work, and cows. I just saw cody's thread and thought that i would report in as well.

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