Haha yeah (Gaming)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Thursday, August 13, 2020, 10:49 (40 days ago) @ kidtsunami

I still think you’re just looking at it wrong. You didn’t get shafted. You got the game you paid for. A game that will be nearly two years old when the new console hit. There’s nothing stopping you from just playing that game.

It does suck, I understand that.

Yeah I get that... And if I had bought this when it came out I wouldn't feel like this. It's just the timing and hearing about the performance issues that bum me out. I know I'm exaggerating it a bit but I can't help it with everything that has lined up.

Again, this is ultimately (hehe) an amazing deal for people who plan on getting the game on the Series X. 40$ for a game and 2 DLC's? Awesome!

And maybe that's why my reaction is a little cold to your plight...

I'm in that camp, I've been meaning to play it, and now I'm just like "JACKPOT" with playing it on the Series X.

As the remaster trend has picked up I've been finding myself buying few things on a lark and waiting until I'm actually going to play them to pick them up, since by the time I get to playing them, there'll be an updated version of it, like The Last Of Us.

I'm in MacAddict's boat. I bought it recently for $30 on sale, knowing I'd likely not play it soon. An upgrade path is enough for me. Truth be told, it's a failure of research on my part. I thought it was a one-and-done kind of game you don't see much of any more. If I'd realized there were DLCs, I would've held out, and my patience would have been rewarded.

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