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by Joe Duplessie (SNIPE 316) ⌂ @, Detroit, Thursday, August 13, 2020, 18:35 (42 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

There is a set number of titles from the Xbox & Xbox 360 Days that have backwards compatibility. This is set in stone now, as Microsoft is no longer working on the technical necessities required to bring anything else forward.

This is only true for XB1. Series X will see more OGXbox an Xbox 360 titles brought forward, with all the obligatory enhancements.

As I understand it, this whole generation of Xbox One games should be compatible, and if supported, even your Save Data can be ported to the new box with Microsofts "Smart Delivery" system. If supported.

Of course you can bring your saves forward, just as you could from 360 to XB1. It's all automatic this time since XB1 files are automatically copied to the cloud.

Smart Delivery is something else entirely. It simply means that if you have an XB1 copy of a game, you can play the native XSX version at no additional cost. Publishers have to opt in to this program, and not all of them are doing so.

In other words, if you have purchased Control and played it, as I have, things will work just as in every other generation. The Save Data is stuck on the platform you played upon, and if you can play on a newer platform, you start from scratch again.

Not only will your save data and DLC move forward, you'll get enhancements like higher resolutions, higher framerates, near instant load times, HDR, and Quick Resume.
These enhancements will be totally free on any Back Compat game. OGXbox, 360, or XB1.

Unless you get this new "Ultimate Edition". If you get this edition, and only this edition, you will get "Smart Delivery" of Control, which will not only bring over your save, but I presume will bring about graphical improvements as well. I say this as the PC version of Control supports Ray-Trace Lighting, which the new Xbox does as well.

This Ultimate Edition is likely being treated as a separate game, similar to Shadow of Mordor or The Witcher 3. It's a scummy move for sure.

I don't know what the deal is for Ps5 backwards compatibility wise. (Last min edit; here is a link to an Article from ArsTechnica that may help as well.)

PS5 will feature limited backward compatibility with around 100 PS4 titles. We don't know if they will feature any enhancements, though faster loading times are a safe bet.

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