Spoilers in here. (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Monday, May 24, 2021, 22:31 (118 days ago) @ Cody Miller
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Opening the door feels like it has more enemies in numbers, and also adds a Cyclops at each plate that wreaks havoc.

Confluxes are shorter waves but add Wyverns (big new powerful Vex chicken things added in Beyond Light).

Oracles now must be shot in order. The Oracles ring out in sequence twice, then they all spawn at once and must be killed in order. It starts with 3 spawning, then adds 1 each round until the full 7 are up. Templar is basically the same, only keeps the Oracles needing to be killed in correct sequence, although only 3 spawn. The Relic no longer cleanses in the Templar encounter, so you have to use the pool in the center. You can no longer shoot yourself out of the detain bubble and must have someone else shoot you out.

Gorgon maze is basically the same. There are 3 new switches that must be found and shot to open the door to the secret chest.

Gatekeeper is now juggling the Relic between right and left Portals to kill a shielded Minotaur that can only be killed by the Relic who is going to sacrifice at Confluxes in each side. You do this a few times until the central Conflux spawns in the present, then defend it from a few waves and done.

Atheon is again mostly the same, but it carries over Oracles needing to be killed in order. The home team watches the Oracles spawn in and calls out the order for the away team to shoot. There are three rounds of three Oracles before damage phase. Detain carries over here, making the center platform strat a bit more dangerous, as if someone gets detained there, it detains everyone and no one is left to shoot anyone else out.

I think that’s it. It looks stunning, the revamped Vault looks incredible

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