Regarding Contest. (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Tuesday, May 25, 2021, 10:19 (117 days ago) @ CruelLEGACEY

I feel like they need a middle ground. Contest can be annoyingly difficult. Normal mode always feels like a cakewalk. Which, there’s room for that. But I always hate where raids end up, where everyone has their role and it ends up being an hour of mostly just standing in the e cactus correct position, killing enemies as they spawn because we know exactly when and where they’re going to come from.

I still think raids need more combat difficulty, and Contest provides that. I think Contest with a full set of raid armor with raid mods might approach the sweet spot.

Although I still wish we could see a raid that was more combat focused in general. I’d like to see combat become the primary focus, with something mechanical as an extra thing to manage (I’ll always go back to Skolas here, which I still believe is one of the best blends of combat and extra mechanics to manage). As it stands, the mechanics of the puzzle are the focus, while combat is just the thing that happens around the edges, and the combat already feels fairly trivial in Normal mode VoG.

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