Love the raid, don’t enjoy contest mode (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 13:44 (117 days ago) @ cheapLEY

Don't disagree with any of the rest of your post. My two favorite raid experiences are doing it blind and being able to do it nearly blindfolded.

There is a satisfaction that comes with the mastery that leads to raids being a cakewalk, for sure. That doesn’t hold up long term for me. I think there’s an issue that needs to be addressed when a Gambit match becomes more interesting and difficult than the tenth week of a raid.

Keep in mind that I say that as someone who has done very few of the raid challenges and triumphs. Maybe those are actually what I’m looking for, but I don’t have a regular crew to raid with, so the chances of me doing those are effectively zero, except on the rare occasions your group needs a sub and I make the cut.

I somewhat agree... but for me, the crux of the issue is that at a certain point in every Destiny raid’s lifespan, I’m no longer running it for the pure enjoyment of the activity; rather, I’m chasing a specific piece of loot. I love Deep Stone Crypt. But after 15-20 completions, I was good. I’d had my fill. The only reason I kept doing 3 runs per week all the way up to 55 completions is that’s how long it took me to get the damn rocket launcher.

If completing raids in Destiny is meant to be a big achievement, then I’m fine with them being incredibly mechanically demanding and ornate. I’ll complete each raid a handful of times to get the experience and move on. But if raids are going to be filled with desirable loot AND acquiring that loot is a process that takes months, I think they need to be a little more “casual” in nature. Not easy, but I should be able to jump in with an LFG group and stand a good chance of completing it within an hour or so. Any more than that just isn’t tolerable after 40-50 completions, IMO.

I should also specify that I think adding some kind of challenge modes or higher difficulty setting is a great way to go as well, to provide a more challenging experience for the teams that want it.

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