Dungeons now purchased separately. (Destiny)

by Cody Miller @, Music of the Spheres - Never Forgot, Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 07:27 (598 days ago) @ squidnh3
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so if you say it takes 20 people working 40 hours a week for a year,

Fewer people, more hours

and guess a billing rate of $200/hour per person

That's crazy high. High end across the industry for an artist on an AAA game for example, is 97k/yr. At 40 hrs a week 50 weeks a year that's 48.50/hr. In reality, they are working way more than 40 hours a week, so hourly is even less.

Glassdoor puts the salaries for designers at Bungie from 74k to 120k/yr. Artists around 73k. Average is around 93k.

The people who design the Dungeons most likely do not make 200/hr.

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