That is the crux of it for me (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Friday, October 22, 2021, 08:03 (942 days ago) @ Cody Miller

I understand what you’re getting at, and I don’t necessarily disagree. Something like Morrowind or The Witcher or Uncharted would be awful as a la carte games. The strength of many games is the holistic experience of playing a complete game.

I think Destiny is best when played like that. Buying the $80 package and having access to everything is the best way to experience Destiny.

However, Destiny is fundamentally not a holistic experience. The game is already almost completely segmented into playlists launched from a menu, with only the barest amount of story or even game systems connecting them together. I suspect that not having access to one playlist or another isn’t as detrimental to the game as you personally think. The game just isn’t designed as a tight, complete package. Gambit has nothing to do with strikes (other than that you can expect the fundamental mechanics of the game to work the same in either mode).

Would Destiny be better as a more interwoven game? I think it probably would, but I also think that game would look almost nothing like Destiny.

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