...rolls a grenade into the room... (Gaming)

by kidtsunami @, Atlanta, GA, Thursday, January 27, 2022, 07:20 (195 days ago) @ ManKitten

I'm obviously the minority here then. I was/am pretty disappointed on most aspects of the campaign.

I dunno, I think there'll be more people agreeing with you than expected. This was pretty major change from past Halo campaigns.

The story was "meh" to me. The goals of the antagonist were shallow and there didn't seem to be any stakes.

The goals of the antagonist were solid and straightforward for a Halo. Not saying it was great, just it met my expectations and gave me a solid thread to follow while other _mysterious_ stuff happened in the periphery.

Missions seemed stale and repetitive. They built a beautiful open world, then used it for the missions of "go here and blow this up. Now go here and blow this up."

They felt like forerunner/brute themed palate cleansers that balanced out my joyriding.

The multiple boss battles were annoying to me. If you didn't have the right weapons, it was just a bunch of constantly running away and pecking away at the bosses life meter. You either won, or died and started over gradually increasing with each attempt.

As far as FPS boss fights go, I thought they worked well because they caused me to get creative with all of the equipment and it was one of the rare situations where I was frantically pulling weapons off the rack and trying to make the most of them.

I never used a warthog. I got it one early on and it seemed to tip over with the slightest bump. It was more frustrating than anything.

This where I just feel like my experience differs from you so strongly. I spent MOST of my time in the game in a warthog (unless I was indoors). I mastered getting my warthog full of laser wielding clowns into the most unlikely places and it just was hilarious. I felt like I was on a proper adventure, gearing up at an outpost, getting a crew together and heading out to raise hell. That general feeling is something Halos of the past hinted at but this one delivered.

You've got some valid points, I just think this game _resonated_ with me in a special way.

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