Smarter Enemies and Reduced Complexity (Destiny)

by Robot Chickens, Thursday, October 20, 2022, 09:39 (550 days ago) @ Cody Miller

Is part of it that because of the MMO elements of the game, experimentation is discouraged because of the time investment? That seems like a problem to me. If it takes a long time to get the mods and level everything up, then experimenting and getting it wrong would be a huge waste of time and frustrating. I could understand just turning to streamers to see what works best.

I don't think time investment is the problem. I got all the mods and tools rather passively. It is also low-cost to retool your armor mods etc so FOMO or sunk-costs on builds is pretty minimal. The big thing is that if you want to try different builds, juggling requires a 3rd party app because switching back and forth is just insane without them.

You can also ignore these systems completely and have a good time, but it can start to make a difference in end-game content. I was playing Challenge mode King's Fall with Claude and noticed that my character was definitely weaker because I had shied away from the systems. After biting the bullet and following the youtubers, it turned out to be really fun to engage with them.

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