Powers (Destiny)

by Beorn @, <End of Failed Timeline>, Wednesday, November 01, 2023, 17:29 (171 days ago) @ EffortlessFury

The one thing I'll say in their defense regarding Destiny's PvP is that I believe the root of their struggles lies in the large array of weapons needing to be balanced across both PvE and PvP.

I think weapon balancing is part of the issue, but to me, the bigger problem is the power creep of player abilities. The Destiny 2 sandbox just keeps getting more complicated and player abilities are kind of bonkers right now. To the point where the game just hasn't been fun for me in a very long time. :-\

My one hope for Marathon is that it's an opportunity to have a clean slate and that maybe their minimalist approach to the game's visuals will be echoed in the game's mechanics.

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