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I see what you are saying and I would normally agree, given your Halo 3 example.

Like I said, it's been awhile since I've had to share content like that before, so things may have changed. But I do remember when DRM first started rearing its head and all the confusion it caused folks.

The difference here is that the DLC for 360 and for XB1 are NOT the same product. One is a DLC for 360, and the other is a DLC for XB1, which means that the product is a different one, the code is a different one, and they will probably end up charging for each one.

Right, that's what I said. If he buys the DLC for 360, it ain't following him to XB1, but he MIGHT be able to get the 360 DLC to work on two consoles at once. Maybe. Like I said above.

We have never, I believe, faced a gaming situation like this one. I think Microsoft and Bungie will pat themselves on the back for letting us take our character from one console to the other.

I can't speak to Sony, but I've got a lot of experience with how Microsoft handles its licensing in a corporate environment and the consumer side of that isn't really different. It's all tied to whatever account you use. Pretty simple.

EXCEPT, now we have the current gen of consoles to deal with and it's not exactly apples to apples (though it could be if they really wanted to.)

So yes, while it is nice that your CHARACTERS can follow you to the next gen, why the DLC doesn't is just money. It's an easy excuse for you to need to buy the same product again.

However, I think that will be the end of it. Also, remember that Bungie and Microsoft WANT PEOPLE TO GET NEW CONSOLES. If you keep letting people go back and forth to play with friends in the old system, you are encouraging people NOT to buy the new consoles.

True to some extent, however there is more money to be made if they can get people to buy it twice. I'm not sure where to point fingers (the devs, the publishers, the platforms)but to me, none of em are innocent.

Like I said, I would usually agree, but I sincerely believe they will make you buy each one for each console. Seems like the pro-business thing to do.

Yeah, that's what I said, except I don't think I said it very well I guess.The exception to this is the PS4 and possibly 360, if things have not changed.

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