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Korny, you keep mentioning season passes transfer between PS3 and PS4, can you confirm individual DLC's do as well?

The only example that I can find info on for individual DLC is CoD Ghosts, and according to Activision regarding the Playstation versions:

"DLC purchased on PlayStation 3 will transfer to PlayStation 4.
DLC purchased on PlayStation 4 will transfer to PlayStation 3."

Supposedly not affected by the Season Pass, which the Xbox version requires, though people on Forums have been having issues with this.

Don't worry Korny, you can buy that Xbone in confidence now.

Well, we've yet to receive word about Destiny, isn't that the point of this thread?

EDIT: Here's a quote from the COD Ghosts Season Pass site: Upgrading to a next-gen console? Purchase the Season Pass before May 31, 2014 and the content follows you FREE within a console family, so you can play now and upgrade later.

Need confirmation Destiny's season pass is like this or if it's the default way season passes work on next-gen.

It's clearly up to Publishers. Activision seems to be okay with a grace period, which is still a little more lenient on Playstation (not requiring season pass), but that may simply be related to how licensing works overall on MS platforms.

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