Arcus Regime

Destiny Drawing Board - Arcus Regime

Originally posted 5 Nov 2013 15:57

"They don't make 'em like this anymore."
Tom Doyle, Art Lead

Concept: Adrian Majkrzak
3D Model: Matt Lichy

Connoisseurs of firepower usually have an insatiable appetite for cutting edge technology. This shouldn't mean that there isn't room in your arsenal for a true classic. If you can find an Arcus Regime on your adventures, you'll have a trophy to add to your collection - a thing of beauty to lead you into battle.


"It's a sleek beast from a simpler time - a death dealer wrapped in nostalgia," according to Jonathan Goff, who knows a thing or two about the history of Guardian weaponry. This rifle provides a look into the recent past of the world of Destiny. "The Regime is a prized heirloom from the Arcus foundry, a one-off design that predates their current reputation for basic, droid-friendly equipment."


This bygone standard is described by Art Lead Tom Doyle as "a well-loved weapon that The City keeps in active service." The romantic lines of its elegant design are a throwback to when crafting weapons was a labor of love. In a time when rifles are the product of an arms race, the Regime embodies a fond memory of craftsmanship.


In its prime, this now exotic firearm set a standard for customization. Compared to its utilitarian successors, the Regime can still hold its own. The old beauty will feel like one of a kind in the hands of a Guardian who wields it. When you pop the hood of this classic machine, you'll find plenty of ways to give it a tune up.


Getting sentimental about the Arcus Regime does strike a note of irony. It's important to remember, after all, that it's an implement of violence. This auto-rifle won't be a conversation piece during chance encounters. As Jonathan Goff observes, "anything on the wrong end of your aim won't be around long enough to reminisce with you."

Disclaimer: Destiny is a work in progress!

This is just one weapon in an ongoing series in which we'll dig into the finer details of our upcoming first person action game, and explore how every element shapes the brave new world where your adventure will take place. All items, details, names, and pieces of random trivia are subject to change or redesign due to a shift in the winds of fashion.

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