Red Death

Destiny Drawing Board - Red Death

Originally posted 12 Aug 2013 10:19

"This is our 'Heavy Metal' gun."
Tom Doyle, Art Lead

Concept: Frank Capezzuto and Tom Doyle
3D Model: Matt Lichy

The Red Death isn't a rifle that will be wielded by everyone. This bloody piece of iron will not be given, it will be found. Exotics are the legendary weapons of yesterday, hand-crafted by our ancestors and left strewn about the system. Scoring one on a mission of utmost importance marks the end of one tale for this implement of destruction, and the beginning of another. Like every element of our game, this weapon of old tells a story about the world that created it.


Sometimes, the process of imagining an exotic weapon begins with something as simple as a name. "The name alone is exotic," recalls Tom Doyle. "Red Death was what we wrapped the visuals and the fiction around. It really drove all of the creative decisions."

Like the heroes that will pack it in their inventory for select missions, the Red Death has a reputation that precedes it. "A savage, bandit weapon. It's provides a look into the world outside the City. This new frontier is harsh and, at times, cruel," Tom observes. "This is a weapon that was taken from a fallen Guardian. The new owner had it repainted and modded - the optics were even hacked with new graphics."


By the time this nasty piece of steel sends a burst of deadly firepower from your hands, you'll be well on your way to becoming legend. In the world of Destiny, legends come in all shapes and sizes. It just so happens that some of them will be rock stars.

Disclaimer: Destiny is a work in progress!

This is just one weapon in an ongoing series in which we'll dig into the finer details of our upcoming first person shooter, and explore how every element shapes the brave new world where your adventure will take place. All items, details, names, and pieces of random trivia are subject to change or total obliteration.

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