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I've grown infatuated with tanks after obsessing myself with Girls und Panzer and World of Tanks lately and have concluded much about these armored behemoths rusting within the confines of the spaceport.

It's design is uniquely Russian dating back to Soviet-produced tanks of the 1950's. All feature a very low profile with a bulbous turret. Proposed Russian tanks to replace the thousands of Cold War-era designs take a departure from the aforementioned design "laws." They still retain their low profile but the armor plating is angled and flows elegantly from the turret and main body, This tank still very much follows the traditional design. I could conclude that this tank isn't so much a radically new model, but simply an upgrade of an existing model.

These tanks to us in 2013 are not unfamiliar to us. Not one bit on that tank screams that it's a relic of a distant future. Coupled with the very simplistic, brutally tough, and seemingly archaic Russian-y designs of the colony ships, I believe it is safe to conclude that Earth's demise happened in the time of our grandchildren, only mere decades from now.

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