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I came to this thread by googling "РфбА" and just minutes later came across this in game, the entire text under the letters.

It's big, so here's a link.

I think the second word is federation and the last one is pretty much "aeronautical."

Transliterated it's "rohskoye federal[?]noye byooroh aeronavteekee" (I read a book on Russian in junior high and I don't remember the words but I remember most of the letters). Running that through Google's translator says it is what it looks like, Russian Federal Bureau of Aeronautics. Google's search doesn't seem to recognize that as existing, per se, but the first result for it is the page on the Russian Federal Space Agency. Basically, it's what I thought it was, and something you'd expect. The fact it's not marked with ФКА (FKA) or РКА (RKA), the abbreviations for the actual present-day Russian space agency, means either something changed, whether it was a major shift or just a name change, or it's an alternate universe where the Russians called their space agency something else, which could hint at other subtle differences, but that's a bit of a stretch.
Oh, and спасибо, thank you for sharing this.

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