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Soon after viewing the traffic jam of doom we’re show this:


Note the hole in the top of the skull. For the longest time, despite concept art of destroyed Human tanks and aircraft carriers, I stubbornly believed that whatever hit Earth mainly did so from orbit. That way The Traveler could do its thing and drive them away. But that hole in the top of the Russian’s head leads me to believe otherwise. I now think whatever attacked Earth made landfall and went on a huge, up close and personal killing spree. Maybe it was an army, or maybe it was one single, powerful being, but whatever it was took the time to shoot fleeing civilians in the head. This wasn't some environmental disaster or uncaring whale probe. This attack was personal.

If that was what killed him (her?), would it still look like that (black with a pretty well-defined hole) after enough time for there to only be a skeleton left?

Each of those colony ships lining the wall has got to be multiple times the size of our biggest modern day rockets. Those shuttles could very well be significantly bigger than the space shuttles.

It's too bad Stephen Loftus isn't into Destiny, he'd be able to tell us for sure.

Inside the wall of the POGA(?) (My Russian is so bad I can’t even write a word in the language) space port we see a few things. One is their neat logo:


And the other is the repeated lettering of KOH 22, the name of that section of the wall perhaps?

I searched for all the Cyrillic terms I could make out... but I forgot to search for this one as it was (РФБА) until now...

It feels big and epic, without it descending to that OMG LENS FLARE look that Mass Effect, Halo 4, and the two newest Star Trek movies have. There’s certainly lens flares there, but they feel like their own thing that’s part of the world, not something added in… if that makes any sense.

just an aside here to say I appreciate this

Overhead there seems to be a red tarp hanging or suspended above Rixis’ area. Are the Fallen infesting our old structures? If so why? Are they using them as bases, or are they maybe using them to hide from something more dangerous?

My guess is they're scavenging and also turning it into some kind of base.

The sense I get from Destiny, is that this time around Bungie has a universe that they really believe in, not one that they put together after the first game turns out of be a success.

I don't think it's fair to say Bungie didn't believe in the Halo universe, and even if they didn't know if it would be successful, they'd done sequels before where it presumably would've been even less of a certainty they'd be successful, so I'd think they knew what they were doing with that on some level.
I like your analysis though.

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