by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Friday, July 05, 2013, 22:57 (3946 days ago) @ Grizzlei

Agreed. My sense of Destiny's timeline is:

- Within a hundred years from now The Traveler comes to our solar system. It terraforms most of our planets and somehow provides us with the means to colonize them, including (limited) faster than light travel.

- Within another hundred years Humanity has built cities of significant size on Mars, and possibly the other planets, and is experiencing a Golden Age when some mysterious force knocks us down devastating the Earth and our colonies. (Else why didn't the Marsies and others come and help us rebuild later?)

- The Traveler intervenes in Humanity's destruction and fights off the big bad (temporarily of course) at great cost to itself. Its last act is to settle over the Earth and provide protection to a single city. Over the next couple of hundred years the remains of Humanity gather under the Traveler's protection and begin rediscovering lost technology.

- As Humanity begins to venture back out into the solar system it encounters strange new alien races that have taken over our old worlds. These aliens are not part of some Covenant, but are diverse and fight among each other, and even fight others of their own race. Why they wish to fight Humanity is unknown but probably involves The Traveler.

- Destiny The Game begins.

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