Whom Is Destiny Being Made For? (Criticism)

by cheapLEY @, Friday, June 01, 2018, 08:52 (850 days ago) @ narcogen

Who said anything about selectable difficulty? They could absolutely have that for instanced things like raids, strikes, missions.

Patrols would be a mix, much like it is now. Normal patrols would be Easy or Normal. Lost Sectors could be a mix. Set some at every difficulty level. Public Events are Normal with the Heroic versions. Escalation Protocol could start at Normal for a wave or two, and work up to Legendary by the end. You already can’t really over level activities, so nothing really changes from that perspective. All you get rid of is the bad progression system and let Bungie define difficulty for activities with a descriptor instead of a number. Folks are no longer gated out of activities because they didn’t grind enough. The difficulty is just the difficulty. They could go as far as to make something like Escalation Protocol slightly easier when new content comes out, giving folks a chance to go back and get that gear if they want.

I don’t know. I’m not a designer by any means. I just don’t think the level system adds much of anything to the game. Again, you can’t really significantly over level activities, so it only really serves to gate content. I just think there’s a better way to accomplish difficulty than the light level difference they’re leaning on in Warmind.

I buy the argument that it’s neat to hit EP for the first time and get destroyed, then slowly level up and get farther and farther each time. I don’t know how you replicate that without a leveling system.

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