Whom Is Destiny Being Made For? (Criticism)

by kidtsunami @, Atlanta, GA, Friday, June 01, 2018, 15:32 (850 days ago) @ narcogen

It's not just gating content, it's the core of Destiny's design assumptions. It's certainly OK to not like it, but saying one wants Destiny without the progression I would argue is just saying you want a different game, because Destiny's progression system isn't just something tacked onto a Halo-style shooter.

This is categorically untrue. Destiny becomes a game without progression at the point that you hit the level cap, and trust me, I enjoy that game a lot more.

Heck, I even miss some of the bits of progression they've taken out, like leveling up weapons to unlock perks. That gave me a reason to use a bunch of different guns in actual activities, so the XP would unlock them. (Motes were the coward's way out.) In D2 I've got a loadout where I basically only change the heavy based on the type of encounter or burn if required. I collect some of the other guns, but I almost never use them-- there's no reason to.

I try out other guns much more in D2 than I ever did when I had to obnoxiously grind a crippled gun to see if I would like it once leveled... If there is no reason to try other guns once the leveling is done, that means the only reason to try out guns is to level them? This is some cowclicker levels of adulation for the grind. I'd rather be encouraged to try other guns because they have interesting perks or behaviors.

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