I've got an issue with this point (Criticism)

by kidtsunami @, Atlanta, GA, Friday, June 01, 2018, 14:06 (847 days ago) @ Funkmon

I agree with you guys, but I like easy boring stuff.

The fact is, when Bingle casualifies Destiny, it reviews well, then a week later everyone complains. See essentially the entirety of Destiny 2, and normal mode Crota.

When Bingle makes Destiny difficult or grindy for the hardcore players, everyone complains immediately...but they also keep playing.

Remember how obnoxious it was to get levelled up for Vault of Ass? Remember the complex mechanics for Oryx? Remember the loot cave?

When Destiny is made for the hardcore, in general, even the casuals play more. We all complain, but we play.

When the complaints are fixed and Destiny is made for casuals, you have the current state of affairs in the online Destiny community.

Bungie is realizing this, and appears to be going back to making it for hardcore players. This is probably a good idea, even though I like it less.

I think this glosses over that difficulty determined by light level vs through challenging mechanics is drastically different. "Bet you can't stick it" is way different from "failed the damage check".

I'd prefer if we made the distinction of arbitrary grindy mechanics and real challenges. We have yet to see what happens when Bungie makes Destiny (as a whole) just straight up difficult.

Right now I'm really enjoying the Prestige Nightfall score cards. They provide the ability to play around with the difficulty with the various buffs/debuffs while optimizing for quick completion. It's so crunchy from a challenge perspective I love it. I also love the Raids. Make the rest of the game like this, lock cool gear behind crazy challenging scores on story missions. Have exotic weapon quests that have Raid like mechanics. Give the players a proper challenge, not a treadmill.

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