[The Problem of] Weapons Forever: The Problem (Destiny)

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I needed time to really think about this one, as the sheer RANGE of emotions this segment brews up is ridiculous. Somehow I both agree & understand and I both disagree & don’t understand. I’m not sure how this is the case, but I am ultimately sure of my feelings on all of this. So… here I go trying to parse that into the written word.

Basically it’s announced that the weapons team needs some breathing room. Infusion of light into old weapons has to end. There is a need to scrape away the residue from past Destiny 2 Experiments. Their problem is a finite system in an “everlasting” world, and our problem (the responses I’ve seen as well as my own feelings) is the EFFORT we’ve already put in under that guise of "everlasting" guarantee. “This is how things work in Destiny 2”, which is not a quote but a statement that been built with time and actions. We worked/played/sweated hard for some of those “check boxes”. For us the value is so we could have that chance to alter how we play, be it now or the future. It’s fun to go into “The Shop” and pick out the “hand crafted” tool for the job. Tools that other players might not have and so you are able to add just that much more to the team. Personally, it's why my vault has what it has.

There is a back and forth. “Development Needs” Vs “What Feels Right”. “Feels”...ugh.

In Destiny 2, with infusion, it’s like having every card you own in Magic available and playable in all formats forever. It passively creates power creep (an ongoing Destiny problem), which also means our teams need to spend more and more of their time re-testing and supporting old stuff instead of making new stuff, it reduces player desire for new items (which dismantles aspiration like the shard-the-blues post-Crucible match ritual), and it means we ultimately create a ton of gear that doesn’t have any value beyond ticking the box on the “I Got It” checklist.

That isn’t value. It’s actually the opposite of value, because it’s work that we could be putting into making new stuff, or improving old stuff. 

So now Bungie has put themselves into a position where they have no choice but to ask us to fall in love again. After many multiples of seasons totaling into years, if my mental math is correct. And frankly... even with the best of reasons, I don’t think they are going to be able to pull this off without chopping off an arm or two and calling it a flesh wound. Call it whatever you wish, but… this hurts. Alot. Too much time has been invested. Too much time has been invested. The cut off date (pun intended) is gone. This system they are proposing to change is part of Destiny 2. I don't expect that to stop anything, but... why does this hurt? Behold a possable answer. If Bungie wants to fix this, they need Destiny 3. That’s it. The Darkness comes in a does whatever it does – BOOM. Stuff gone. Traveler bitch slapped. Cats and Dogs living together, mass pandemonium. We go underground and learn the old ways from Saladin. Guns are sticks and we have to share the rock.

I do not presently think that this is a battle they are going to win. I played Destiny One, I remember the jest of the proposed method. I remember how much it sucked, as well as the cycles of weapons I played with that I might not have used if not for that system. So what do you say to those who came in from the free to play method? They do this as proposed and they will lose a large segment of the fan base, as well many of the gains they may have made in the last year going free to play. Again, they did this to themselves with the ever echoed (and perhaps misinterpreted) play your way.

Blackwater is Academi, Cambridge Analytica became Emerdata, and Destiny 2 needs to become Destiny 3. Rebranding! It works! Abit too freekn' well if I may say so myself.

Yes I know. It is stated that Bungie doesn’t want to make such a drastic move…

We’ve made a lot of Magic cards, and we want you to keep the ones you love in your collection (as opposed to taking them and throwing them all away and having the Tower get destroyed again). And a bunch of those Magic cards could be playable around the world while free-roaming or in PVP formats.

...and it is stated in the same paragraph that the idea of this cessation in infusion for old guns would only effect big name, big light, end game type stuffs...

But where Power matters or aspirational activities are involved, we’re going to make some changes to Legendary weapons. 

...but… well...

We are irrational things, and nothing makes us more irrational the losing those things that help us survive. We bring stories to inanimate objects. Name them. Grow a kin-ship in mind alone.

You’re not going to beat that, as it will only make for greater irrationality.

… oy, I feel a story coming on…

There have been, a lot of weapons that have been introduced into the loot pool of Destiny 2. This is the story of my FAVORITE (and irreplaceable) one. I tell this story, because it’s a Year 1 Weapon which is very likely to be made obsolete VIA light through the proposed system. That scares me. It ACTUALLY scares me. Bungie... you can have every green-brick legendary I have, but you can’t have this one. This thing is my baby and this has nothing to do with being rational.

This gun, honest to heaven, has been on my Main since Year 1 of Destiny 2. There may have been moments where I have had it switched off mistakenly through some D.I.M shenanigans, but all in all – it has been on my Main since Year 1 of Destiny 2. It’ll kick to the right sometimes, and it can burn ammo like crazy, but friends, it undeniably is my Ol’ reliable.


It is… my Void Basilisk Shotgun

What can I say about this weapon?

… *sigh* …

IN LEGEND, the basilisk is the serpent king for whom only a glance would beckon instant death. So deeply venomous, that it’s very slithering “foot print” could instantly kill if touched. It’s presence so noxious an influence, that the very shrubbery and grasses around it ignite into a scorching flame. In short, to be in any proximity to a basilisk is guaranteed death.

I tell you friends, having somehow gained rapport with a Basilisk, I’ve grown to see it as a reliable brother in arms when there is a kill’n to be done- AND-DONE-QUICK! I’ve been witness first hand, up close, the range of it’s lethal tenacity. It’s vicious percussion of bites, again and again and again as if thunder was given a grudge with teeth and a smile. It is with what I have witnessed first hand, that I can tell you in truth that these legends have only been WATERED DOWN.

There are within Destiny 2, Legendary Shotguns with more Range. There are Legendary Shotguns with more Stability. A Legendary Shotgun with more Reload Speed. There are Legendary Shotguns that Handle better, with greater Inventory & Aim assist. Shotguns with better perks, be it Trench Barrel or One-Two Punch or Swashbuckler. Be it Opening Shot, or Rampage, or Full Auto Trigger.

And all of them are nothing. NOTHING! *Sigh* OHHHH the times we had!

When the chips were down, and way too many a foe felt it was a good idea to get up into my face and grill their fist with my teeth, OOOOOO BROTHER, that’s when I brought out an extra pair of teeth just for them. This Shotgun has saved my ass in the trenches more times then I’d like to admit.

You can’t duplicate that. You can’t simulate that. You can make 1000 variants, and no doubt it shall return with random rolls, but it isn’t this one shotgun.

It isn’t MY SHOTGUN. My Basilisk Shotgun.


;_; MY BABY! ;_;

*Ahem*… did I mention this has nothing to do with being rational?

And since there has suddenly been all this talk about "Oh hey guiez... You memba Destiny 1?"

Yeah. Yeah I do.

If you're a Level 30, you're ready to tackle Crota's End on Day One (more on that below). If you like your weapons just the way they are, you are welcome to keep them that way. You'll find that they're still enormously effective in just about any tactical scenario - even Iron Banner (more on that below).

In the months to come, your quest to become more powerful will have more avenues that lead to satisfaction. The last thing we wanted was for you to look at your favorite gun or helmet and decide that it had become obsolete. Since the reveal, we've read a lot of ideas for how this could have been done better. Your feedback is clear: The time you have invested in your stuff should be respected.

That conversation is already raging internally, as it always does. In the meantime, the existing plan is in place to make sure that, as consumers of The Dark Below start to become even legendier, those who don't opt in aren't left behind. We're making these options available to everyone, whether they own Expansion I or not.
As always, the best way to evolve your Guardian in Destiny is to tackle new challenges and earn new rewards. We're eager to see how you feel about this system once you've seen it in practice. If the past three months have proved anything, it's that anything can (and often does) change in Destiny.
You're a part of that process, so keep talking to us.

Bungie, 2014

Oh, and the name I gave my favorite weapon is Tim.


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