[The Problem of] Weapons Forever: The Problem (Destiny)

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Totally understand and empathize with your viewpoint. On the other hand, the sheer overwhelming amount of weapons and rolls keep me from playing the game as much. I never really found the sense in getting invested in a particular weapon when the whole point of the game is obtaining newer weapons. Staying attached to a weapon not only reduces the value of the work creating new weapons but increases the amount of work needed to keep your favorite balanced.

Attachment to loot can't exist in a game where new loot is always on the horizon. They're antithetical. Not that I put the blame on the players, just that it doesn't make sense to me.

And Borderlands can get away with it because there's no PvP. Unbalanced/OP rolls are sort of the point.

I've faced those issue too. On the overwhelming amount of loot, I ultimately though find some of the blame for such lies in the ridiculously piss poor organizational system we have in game - for a LOOT game. Here's a rant about that, but tl;dr, right now when we get weapon we like the prospects of, but don't want to use right now, it goes in the vault - and then you forget. Using third party stuff helps, but LOOT is a core thing. There is always going to be an issue of going,"ok what do I use" from the sea of all the loot. PvP Rolls, PvE Rolls, Playstyles, Class Synergies... all sorts of things to consider (if one cares about that sort of thing). Even if we had the ability to just add notes in game, little reminders, would be a huge boon.

You'd think Dev's that use things like JIRA or Perforce or whatever they use would be in sheer pain of this lack of organizational structure in helping sort out our loot but... seven years in. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To second point of attachment, you bring a very logical point. In a loot game, a continual progress of loot is part of the sign up. Yes agreed. Plans can be fun. But...we're irrational things, as mentioned. I didn't choose Basilisk, it choose me. It just kind of happened. This weapon for some reason just CLICKS for me. I don't know why. There has been no other weapon in D1 or D2 that has brought this... thrill to use quite like this weapon has for me. It's irrational! I don't know why! I can't tell you why! I HATE IT! I hate that I don't know! But once I found it, I liked it... I'm using it! And it works - AGAIN & AGAIN.

It's not like this is anything new, and infact I think it safe to say instinctively we all already kind of know this. Like thing. Keep thing. Use thing. Ugg. In fact it may be why Bungie fell into this position they are in now.

As a user when I'm playing I'm not thinking about their work (to a degree), I'm thinking about mine. What am I trying to do in Destiny today? What am I going to use to do it? Do I feel like running into the fray? Testing the AI at a distance? Does today need an extra helping of explosions?

It kind of sucks that in gameplay, Bungie taught the lie that everything lasts forever. It was fun.


I've not played Borderlands.

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