I'm a Video Game Item Hoarder (Destiny)

by Simpsons Rule @, Monday, April 27, 2020, 10:21 (415 days ago)

I've accepted this fact for a long time. When I played WoW, I would create alts for the sole purpose of holding onto my immense amount of crap. Who knows when I might need 100 stacks of low level cloth or that one nostalgic junk item that can't be acquired anymore! I'm the kind of person who ends a game with an inventory full of health potions that I was saving for an emergency that never happened. And this hoarding has prevented me from getting back into Destiny 2.

I stopped playing after Season of the Undying ended and every time I boot the game up again, I remember that my vault is completely full and I can't figure out what to get rid of. I know that each new seasons is going to introduce a number of new weapons/armors, but I have an unreasonable desire to min/max my gear. The problem is that I don't really know how to easily figure out what to keep, and the fear of dismantling something important keeps my vault overflowing with (probably) useless crap.

I used to use http://d2checklist.com to figure out what weapons are potential godrolls (even though I admit the weapons might sit in my vault unused forever). That worked well so far but now my armor is lining the walls of my vault with no end in sight. With mods being limited to specific burns I feel like I need to have each combination ready to go to match whatever playstyle I'm running. For example, I'm not sure if it's still viable but last time I played I loved running Monte Carlo with Peregrine Greaves for never ending Titan knees to the face. But Auto Rifle perks needed solar burn armor and then I figured if I ever changed weapon combos I'd want to swap those burns for whatever matched the new weapons and what about legacy armor using the old system with perks I may not be able to get on certain armor pieces anymore, and...my vault is sitting at 497/500.

I was hoping that vault capacities would be increased (or the Collections would be updated to somehow preserve unlocked perk combos on armor/weapons) but I haven't heard rumors of that happening. The sad part is I know I'm completely missing content but the thought of dismantling something important that I've earned and can't easily replace kills me. Is there an easy way to reasonably filter out gear so that I can keep my hoarding within reason? How can I quickly figure out if armor is worth keeping or not? I'll never stop hoarding but there's got to be some middle ground here.


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