I'm a Video Game Item Cook (Destiny)

by Chappy, Arlington, VA., Tuesday, April 28, 2020, 08:14 (273 days ago) @ Simpsons Rule

I'm bursting at the seams with amazing/interesting rolls; I've got elemental affinities you can no longer get, GodRolls, Static "Curated" rolls that inexplicably you can't pull from collections because it exists in a "Random Rolls" slot, and even Masterworked Weapons that if pulled from collections, are no longer Masterworked (like Exotics are).

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I still have many of the original Leviathan weapons that could roll with random elemental burns (and can't be retried from Collections or drop again from the raid this way) as well as masterworked weapons that I don't want to dismantle.

I did the same for a long time, ultimately getting rid of weapons with "impossible to retrieve" elemental affinities when I had a suitable replacement. For example, I kept solar and arc Inaugural Address pulses until I had a better solar (Right Side of Wrong) and arc (Infinite Paths 8). I'm still hanging onto 2 drangs with unique elements just since an exotic might benefit from them, but I haven't fired those for over a year.

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