I'm a Video Game Item Hoarder (Destiny)

by Simpsons Rule @, Monday, April 27, 2020, 12:42 (215 days ago) @ Chappy

I'm a collector as well (currently #21 on the leaderboard); managing my collection is just part of the game for me. Assuming you're using DIM, the "is:reacquirable" is a good starting place - anything that filter highlights (that you're not actively using) can be safely deleted and retrieved from the collection if needed.

Unfortunately I've gotten rid of those a long time ago!

It's a game of priorities and tough choices. Personally I've decided to let Bungie's (ill conceived and unfriendly) elemental affinities and armor mod limitations dictate my priorities. I'm keeping a solar, arc and void set of the Reverie Dawn and Dreambane armor sets for each character - that way I can use any mod in any affinity. On top of that, I'm collecting a single set of seasonal armor for each character, and a single set of current raid armor for each character.

Why Reverie Dawn and Dreambane specifically? If you get a duplicate piece of gear, what criteria are you using to determine which one to keep?


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