I'm a Video Game Item Cook (Destiny)

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While I can't say I ever played WoW, I understand completely.

Checklist & D.I.M has been my Vaults savoir for many multiples of seasons (not sure on the exact number). Yet even such a "divine" utility which they provide has its limits. For these last two Seasons, it's been close. This season might just get me, though I said that last season too. I'm bursting at the seams with amazing/interesting rolls; I've got elemental affinities you can no longer get, GodRolls, Static "Curated" rolls that inexplicably you can't pull from collections because it exists in a "Random Rolls" slot, and even Masterworked Weapons that if pulled from collections, are no longer Masterworked (like Exotics are).

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I still have many of the original Leviathan weapons that could roll with random elemental burns (and can't be retried from Collections or drop again from the raid this way) as well as masterworked weapons that I don't want to dismantle.

I thank every person in my Fireteams as of late that has put up with my extremely frequent Tower/Wall trips since my inventory is constantly overcrowded. The constant trips have become a joke that has quickly progressed to very un-funny levels for me, and I can only imagine the pains anyone that plays with me goes through. :(

I don't currently know what to do with my weapons that have elemental affinities you can no longer get. I have a decent number of them which I am compelled to hang onto since they cannot currently be reacquired.

Check out this recent thread over on Reddit:
A genuine question...
It received about 550 comment replies and almost 7,000! upvotes in a short amount of time before it was buried by other topics. It also received a few replies from Cozmo. Vault and Collections issues, are a known problem, that has been long-aching and seems like hasn't been receiving proper attention. They could deperately use a fix NOW, not wait even longer for whenever they can adress it next or fester in line behind other issues. For many of us, I don't think this can wait for next season or the next MAJOR update.
( not to mention, the offhanded idea of "retiring weapons" probably won't help the issue but rather, instead, exascerbate the problem by creating a new list of items I'm going to be compelled to hang onto at current level or lose - Lukems, please refer back to The Bungie Podcast 11-29-2017 timestamp ~14min; Please communicate it clearly, was the idea of retiring weapons an unfinished idea that may not materialize?Aspiration? Or a Commitment?)

A little while back I had to make the tough decision of getting rid of my Year 1 Masterworked weapons (excluding elemental affinities you can no longer get). It was a very difficult decision but I decided those were the most numerous and easiest to delete and re-acquire later should the need arise. I kept them because I'm firmly in the 'have-nots' population category regarding excess upgrade materials and consumable inventory. These were items I literally could not afford to Masterwork myself, but they dropped to me already MW'd so they were invaluble at the time. I came to the realization that the inventory slots they were occupying had become more valuble than the fact these items were pre-upgraded for me. I gained some breathing room in the Vault that has since be re-filled mostly with Season Pass items. I also came away with a few hundred Enhancement Cores which I plan to keep a hefty stock of (that way I can always re-pull those deleted items and hopefully have the ability to Masterwork them at will)

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