I'm a Video Game Item Cook (Destiny)

by Simpsons Rule @, Tuesday, April 28, 2020, 06:36 (414 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

While I can't say I ever played WoW, I understand completely.

Checklist & D.I.M has been my Vaults savoir for many multiples of seasons (not sure on the exact number). Yet even such a "divine" utility which they provide has its limits. For these last two Seasons, it's been close. This season might just get me, though I said that last season too. I'm bursting at the seams with amazing/interesting rolls; I've got elemental affinities you can no longer get, GodRolls, Static "Curated" rolls that inexplicably you can't pull from collections because it exists in a "Random Rolls" slot, and even Masterworked Weapons that if pulled from collections, are no longer Masterworked (like Exotics are).

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I still have many of the original Leviathan weapons that could roll with random elemental burns (and can't be retried from Collections or drop again from the raid this way) as well as masterworked weapons that I don't want to dismantle.

I'm not a Video Game Item Hoarder, I'm a Video Game Item Cook. I enjoy taking the little game play ingredients and making builds. I enjoy being a Key maker in changing how things play. And since the game is live, one patch you might have a build that SLAPS, then in another patch you might as well be throwing frozen bags of peas. It helps to have a large varied selection (and an app that you can search from, as the in-game Vault is a joke against the core needs of the "loot" game).

Yes, every weapon is one patch away from being god tier or complete garbage.

Are you aware how Checklist & Dim work to give you which rolls are good or not? It's easy to miss. I only recently dug into it myself - as what we have is not (or no longer) enough (for my needs). With Checklist it's this list for PVE & and this for PvP. With Dim it's this github hosted list. There is also an "opinionated version" which I don't recommend as its opinions are out of date. Still though, useful to see, as it gives an idea to what you can make. Yes - YOU. It's very advanced and technical and potentially time consuming, but you can make it.

You can make your own list. You can handmake what FOR YOU is worth keeping and sharding. Details are in that github link (as well as a tool to make permutations easier). Can't say much else as I only just recently looked into this. Lotta work - but potentially VERY powerful.

If all else fails and this is just not enough - go talk to the creators of these tools. One of the perks of Homebuilt is you can talk directly. Twitters, Reddits, all that. You need a feature, go ask for it. (I'm almost there myself.)

...and uh... yeah. That's what I got. Hope something of that helps.

That was helpful, thanks! I may just end up tweaking those tools to eliminate more of what I have.

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