...reckon I'm a jerk. (Destiny)

by Cody Miller @, Music of the Spheres - Never Forgot, Thursday, May 13, 2021, 12:28 (1065 days ago) @ Korny

Well, I feel pretty stupid now after seeing how the transmog system works. Once you unlock a piece of armor, all you have to do is 'press X' to wear it. (with minimal resource cost) and all my ornaments are still available.

All the rigamarole involves unlocking new pieces of armor to wear. It still seems like a step too many to do so...but...it's not that bad.


It's definitely too many steps, and it's SUPER limited (10 pieces, max, per character, per season, with an extra 10 this season only). Those are legitimate reasons to gripe.

It's also insanely intensive. I played 7 gambit games last night, and earned 71 synthstrand bits. You need 150 for each of those 20 armor pieces (per character). That's a LOT of playing.

Because it turns out that it’s time-gated. You can only earn up to one strand every two minutes at peak efficiency. It’s a minimum five hour grind for enough to get a single bounty (assuming you’re killing enemies non-stop for those five hours). Twenty-five hours minimum for one set, and 150 hours per season to get your free batches.

And that’s without taking the bounties into account. Mine is currently “Kill 40 Nightfall champions”... time to mindlessly reset checkpoints!

I would honestly, with no judgement or anything because I just want to learn, hear and understand the reasoning behind why they are doing it this way. From the outside, it looks like a system so far outside of what is fun I'm baffled because there are sensible alternatives. But there has to be a reason.

I just want to know it.

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