...reckon I'm a jerk. (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Thursday, May 13, 2021, 17:40 (1072 days ago) @ Claude Errera

The answer that is to avoid "farms" where people feel obligated to play differently to earn the most strand. Right now just playing normally gets you the most possible strand you can get.

Then why even have it? It's literally just an abstracted 'time played' counter at that point.

Do you REALLY need that question answered?

Because if you want more, you play more. That's good for the company. If you don't care about the product (or the feature that the product affects), you can skip the extra playing and simply not earn it. That way, Bungie can say "we're not forcing anyone to do anything - we're just giving people an incentive to play more."

That's hard to argue against (from the perspective of legality).

Did you really not consider that? Or were you just asking to stir up Cheapley?

If it wasn’t for the real money aspect, I actually think it would be a good system. The timer is smart, for the reasons squid said. There is no optimal way to play, you just play. They should look into that for leveling up.

But c’mon, do they really have to monetize fucking everything? They already sell universal ornaments. Now they are going to sell me the ability to use sets I already have?

I’m not against microtransactions. I’ve bought plenty of eververse stuff, I’ve bought stuff in Warframe and Apex Legends. But this transmog system feels really egregious and it sucks. Especially since they were literally out there talking about making it a system that felt good. What happened to that?

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