Halo is back. (Gaming)

by squidnh3, Wednesday, November 17, 2021, 07:06 (886 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

This is really damn good. It feels great. The maps I’ve played on have all been great (Bungie could learn a thing or three).

In Bungies Defense, I don't think they have even tried to make good PvP maps. Some of them are just the worst maps ever created in videogames, I'm not even joking.

Here. Let me add this random image for no reason.

That map is actually fine, just not for 6v6.

Bungie does a really good job on the subtle things in maps. When you spawn into a Bungie-made map, you almost always know exactly where you are and what things are happening where on the map. They do a great job of putting memorable reference points and skybox type things to provide that orientation. However, it is not uncommon for their maps to have brutal chokepoints or spawn traps, where the "I can't walk anywhere without getting sniped in the face" effect is strong.

343 on the other hand has the opposite problem, their maps very rarely seem to have gameplay problems, but they are often missing the stuff that Bungie does for orientation, and I often find myself fighting over areas of the map without any context for what might be going on elsewhere.

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