Pre-Lauch Halo:Infinite Weapon Thoughts (Gaming)

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My only complaint is that some of the weapons are garbage and not worth using. If they patch that this would be a very good Halo game.

Which ones? Because I think you’re wrong. I think they’ve done a great job of making all the weapons fun and useful. The only one that feels off is the Commando. It’s not as good as a Battle Rifle, but if you use it at the range it feels intended for given its recoil, I think you’re likely to just get killed by someone using a Sidekick or even an AR. I’m sure there are people that are really great with it that could outshoot me using a Sidekick, but that has not been my experience so far (on either side of that encounter).

I'm agreeing with Blue. Some of the Weapons right now are straight trash. It's all over the place, just an absolute inconsistent mess. This really is the most "beta" feeling beta I've ever publicly played.

Straight on in; The Ravager is full on trash right now. Full on trash. Between the time it takes to shoot, for the projectiles to hit, "ammo in the clip"... all of it, trash. There is every other weapon, some of which that also suck, that are by all odds a better option. Even the secondary has issues, though my biggest hit on that is the timid heads up to let you know that you're suddenly in flaming goop.

Even better, I know why. 343 nerfed the weapon into the ground from the Private Alpha (or whatever it was called).


If you still have doubts, try to get a three star rating with The Ravager in the training range. This thing was grossly nerfed into the ground.

Speaking of trash, Pulse Carbine. Not as bad as The Ravager, but ain't no rose either. The spread on this thing is silly, and the time it takes to even down shields is even sillier. You might as well be efficient and shoot your self for the other team. As for the rest...

Bulldog - This dog eats its own shit. If I see you with this, I can probably kick your ass with my own fists, before you can even down my shield. Then again, maybe that's the brilliance of it. Can't shotgun camp if the shotgun doesn't one or two tap.

Stalker and Shock Rifle - Every time I pick this thing up, it just feels shit to use. I can't even critique its property, because I don't really know. It just feels awful to me. Only reason to pick up a shock rifle is if you need to stop a vehicle at range.

Commando - WAY too much kick for way too little damage. Hard Pass, unless I need to feather tap someone unshielded at range.

Cindershot - This Power weapon has this odd grayness to it, that I don't know how to word. Something is missing.


Plasma Pistol - Doesn't stop vehicles anymore.

Rocket Launcher - No longer Locks On. Have fun shooting things out of the sky!

Hydra - Locks on but, the only thing slower than this its TTK is its reload. Non-Lock on mode can be pretty useful though.


Needler - The Delay till explosion feels longer, and the speed of the needles feels slow to me. You can dodge these projectiles with a relative ease. This one is harder to critique, as I know I am unconsciously referencing past games in my considerations. This weapon has in its history many variants and tune ups. If I recall correctly, I think Reach did a decent job, or on of the later Bungie renditions anyway.

Energy Sword - Much like the melees right now, I've found hit detection to be sometimes quite hit or miss, but... when it connects it does its job. Swish swish jab jab. As a bonus (somehow), it is not a fighter jet.

Battle Rifle - I miss the Halo 2/3 Sound. The pitch is too high. Other wise, tat-tat-tat tat-tat-tat.

Gravity Hammer - There are Minor things I could poke at, but... yeah. Gravity Hammer. Just like the tin says.

Skewer - "Just Like the Tin Says"

Assault Rifle - It's good.

Mangler - Once you understand its loop, you can do so CQ Work with this thing. It's the Mauler, but better.

Sniper Rifle - After not being able to really do a darn with this type weapon in Destiny, OH it feels SOOOOOO good to be able to Snipe again.

Heatwave - I like its ability to change its shot pattern. That's cool. As is the ability to make bank shots.

Sidekick - It's not the Halo 1 Pistol, it's the Anonymous Autumn with better range potential.
(OH I miss that weapon! It was SO SNAPPY!)

Disruptor - Low Key Power Weapon. Don't tell sage. Shhhhh.

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