Quick "Halo: Infinite" Multiplayer Beta Thoughts (Gaming)

by ManKitten, The Stugotz is strong in me., Thursday, November 18, 2021, 08:06 (879 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

I've only played a few games (like 10, or maybe even less.) It didn't feel like Halo...but yet, it did. Everything felt different, yet, the same?

Big ol' imo's below.

The "ADS" is done really well. I like the subtle zoom for each weapon instead of the actual ADS PoV. Using the left trigger to zoom/ADS is nice. You can zoom, if you get hit it bumps you out, but pulls you right back in after recovery. You can continue shooting throughout the whole thing, but the transitions are done well.

The AR/Pistol starting loadout seems to be good for the most part. They are good enough to give you a chance in a fight against a map weapon. I never had a problem finding map weapons...I just had no idea what they were or how they behaved. In the one game of BTB I played, I had to laugh a bit because it reminded me of the Halo 2 launch of everyone starting with SMG's on Blood Gulch. Seeing an enemy across the map and running forever before they were in range to actually shoot them. Once the game got going, though, the vehicles and weapons were spread out nicely and chaos ensued. Hashtag, just cut to the chase and give us Action Sack.

Clamber is nice. (I kept trying to double jump, doh.)
Abilities/Power Ups are nice.

One of my annoyances that has existed in so many Halos is still around. Our spartan can flip a warthog over but we throw grenades with the strength of a toddler.

The pre-game party system confuses me. Playing some with my son, I wasn't able to host a party but he could. So I joined him. He would start a game but there was nothing on my screen that indicated anything was happening. We played a BTB, then he started a Quick Play game but on my screen it still said I was in BTB. It seemed like I had to also select the gametype we were going to play, then he would select the gametype to launch it, and our screens would sync up. Not sure what was going on there.

I have no idea how the battle pass works. I'm not talking about the "progression fiasco", but moreso...what/where/why is it? I clicked on the "get premium" button, or whatever it said, and it just seemed like I was in a never ending line of screens and menus without ever getting any information about what it actually was.

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