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Speaking of trash, Pulse Carbine. Not as bad as The Ravager, but ain't no rose either. The spread on this thing is silly, and the time it takes to even down shields is even sillier. You might as well be efficient and shoot your self for the other team. As for the rest...

Use it midrange, the bolts track like crazy. If you find someone out in the open, it’s actually kind of ridiculous. It’s a two burst kill.

Bulldog - This dog eats its own shit. If I see you with this, I can probably kick your ass with my own fists, before you can even down my shield. Then again, maybe that's the brilliance of it. Can't shotgun camp if the shotgun doesn't one or two tap.

It literally two taps. It’s legitimately great while not being the Chaperone.

Stalker and Shock Rifle - Every time I pick this thing up, it just feels shit to use. I can't even critique its property, because I don't really know. It just feels awful to me. Only reason to pick up a shock rifle is if you need to stop a vehicle at range.

The Shock Rifle is just as powerful as the S7 with the added bonus of shutting down vehicles. The Stalker 3 taps. It’s better than a BR.

Commando - WAY too much kick for way too little damage. Hard Pass, unless I need to feather tap someone unshielded at range.

Can’t disagree here.

Cindershot - This Power weapon has this odd grayness to it, that I don't know how to word. Something is missing.

The grenades from this thing actively pull enemies towards them. It’s great for crowd control.

Plasma Pistol - Doesn't stop vehicles anymore.

Still eats shields, though.

Rocket Launcher - No longer Locks On. Have fun shooting things out of the sky!

Didn’t it only ever lock on in Halo 2? Splash damage feels inconsistent.

Needler - The Delay till explosion feels longer, and the speed of the needles feels slow to me. You can dodge these projectiles with a relative ease. This one is harder to critique, as I am reference past games as well in my considerations. This weapon has seems many variants and tune ups. If I recall correctly, I think Reach did a decent job, or on of the later Bungie renditions anyway.

I think it’s projectile speed. Unless I get the drop on someone, I almost always trade. I die while the needles are still traveling, but then they land and blow up.

Battle Rifle - I miss the Halo 2/3 Sound. The pitch is too high. Other wise, tat-tat-tat tat-tat-tat.

Are you using headphones? I don’t think the BR has ever sounded better than it does now.

Also, no one has mentioned it, but the Sentinel Beam fucking melts if you can keep it on target.

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